Roundup: the long-term consequences of cancer and its treatment

Friends and family assume that because you don’t have cancer anymore that everything is ok, and it’s not, far from it. Jane129: My social life collapsed in the painful (literally) years beforehand and I’m only just trying to drag myself out more. No holidays. Far fewer friends to socialise with, many have moved on without me over the previous five years. What research is being carried out? Chris Carrigan, director for the National Cancer Intelligence network , Public Health England: The world in which I operate is very much around data, information and intelligence, and there used to be a primary focus on survival, because that’s very much what we could tell from the available data. We are now in a very different position, so much of our work is around getting a better (and quantified) understanding of life after cancer, which includes physical effects of the treatment, but also the psychological and social effects. We are much better at being able to measure the physical effects, but less well at the other areas. Claire Foster, reader in health psychology, University of Southampton : In our research programme, we are asking people to tell about their health and well-being before their cancer treatment starts … and then we ask them similar questions at regular intervals over time. This allows us to see how treatment affects people’s daily lives due to the physical, psychological symptoms they experience and also the knock on effect of this in terms of ability to return to work, resume everyday activities and so on.

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Sam Simon, ‘The Simpsons’ Co-Creator Dying From Cancer, To Donate Fortune To Charity

sam simon

“In the hospital, right after that [colon surgery], I realized I had to start making plans,” Simon told TMZ . Its a gesture thats won over his already loyal fans. @simonsam I just want to send you as many hugs as I can! You are a #hero a #mensch and an #artist #alifewelllived xoxoxo Andrea Baker (@AndreaEBaker) July 26, 2013 Simon ranks animal rights at the top of his activism list. He founded his eponymous charity in 2011, an organization that provides food for families in need, spays and neuters cats and dogs for free and trains service dogs to help vets who are hard of hearing. He established the nonprofit entirely with his own funds and the organization does not accept public donations, according to the charitys website. But Simon is candid about the behind-the-scenes role he prefers to play with his philanthropic work. I was never that hands-on with any of it. I’ve just been fortunate to find great people to run things, Simon told The Hollywood Reporter of his charity work. Frankly, one of the pleasures of the foundation is hanging out with the people because they are some of the nicest people in my life. But while Simon may prefer to remain in the backdrop, the organizations that are grateful for his contributions like to put the spotlight on his name. A vegetarian since he was a teen, Simon has supported PETAs work for a decade and the organization thanked him for his contributions in March by naming its Norfolk, Va., headquarters after him. As for whats motivated Simon to give so generously, he says thats pretty simple. One thing is, I get pleasure from it, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

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