The Six Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

A healthy lifestyle may prevent that visit to the doctor’s office. The Mayo Clinic lists six early warning signs and symptoms that a person may have colon cancer. Colon cancer signs include: blood in the stool cramps, gas, abdominal pain or other colon problems that persist over a period of time diarrhea or constipation, if this is a change in regular bowel habits and lasts for more than a few weeks a feeling of fatigue or weakness feeling as if the bowel has not emptied all the way after a bowel movement rapid, unexplained weight loss Some people experience no symptoms at all and are completely surprised to learn they have colon cancer. Cancer research indicates that colon cancer occurs when healthy colon cells get altered and grow out of control. Cancer cells begin to form in the lining of the intestines, but may take years to develop into a detectable colon cancer tumor. Precancerous polyps that are either flat or look like mushrooms form sores, called lesions, along the sides of the large intestines. Who is at Risk for Colon Cancer? These are the primary risk factors for colon cancer: being over 50 years old being African American having a family history of colon cancer a low fiber, high fat diet a diet high in red meat and processed lunch meat a lack of regular exercise having diabetes smoking When to See a Doctor for Colon Cancer Symptoms Anyone with concerns about symptom should set an appointment with a doctor, who will order a series of tests. These include blood tests to determine the possible cause of the symptoms, but this will not detect colon cancer. A doctor will also perform a colonoscopy, an uncomfortable procedure where a small camera attached to a tube is used to video monitor the entire colon, and if anything unusual is noticed, tissue samples will be biopsied. A barium contrast-dye enema will then be administered so the colon shows up on X-rays better. It is likely that the doctor will also order a CT scan to get a detailed picture of the inside of the colon. If colon cancer is diagnosed, surgery will be scheduled to remove pieces of the large intestines. The doctor may also recommend a course of radiation and chemotherapy. What About Colon Cancer Treatment Alternatives? While the Mayo Clinic and other allopathic treatment centers state no known cure for any kind of cancer, there is a second path to consider: cancer prevention by way of a healthier lifestyle.

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Patient Comments: Colon Cancer – Symptoms

It was difficult to eat because I felt full most of the time. Swelling of the lower abdomen was also a symptom which appeared at times. My bowel motions swung between chronic constipation and diarrhea. Low energy and anemia were big signs for me. I spent a lot of time in bed not knowing why and hiding it from my family. My skin in face was yellow due to spread to liver. Diagnosis happened through colonoscopy. I am under 65 and this is a 65+ year old type of cancer and so I was misdiagnosed for at least a year. Was this comment helpful? Was this comment helpful? Yes

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