Veterans Treatment Court In Santa Barbara Graduates First Class

treatment court

Even years after his return, Lopez could not resume life as he had before his tour of duty. “I still hadn’t come home,” he said. He didn’t realize he had PTSD until hearing former UCSB professor and Rep. Walter Capps speak about it during a UCSB course called “The Vietnam Experience.” “He was damaged there in the Gulf War,” Eskin said, and Lopez ended up in Eskin’s courtroom. Though Santa Barbara County has had a substance abuse treatment court since 1996, Lopez said being surrounded by other veterans “changes everything.” Lopez now lives in the Los Angeles-based Bimini Recovery House and hopes to give back to the community now that he’s completed his court program. Several from the court system spoke Friday, including Deputy District Attorney Michael Carrozzo, a former JAG officer who helped Eskin coordinate the program, and public defender Rai Montes de Oca. Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley said her aunt served as a psychiatric nurse during World War II , and Dudley carried the flag that had been presented to the family after her aunt’s death. She died with two unfulfilled hopes, Dudley said, the first being that gay service members would be openly accepted and that people would more fully understand that war came at a cost to mental and physical health. If her aunt could have seen the treatment court in operation in Santa Barbara County today, Dudley said, “she would be in awe.” First District county Supervisor Salud Carbajal , who is a veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps , also spoke. “While you may have fallen down a time or two, you again have risen to the occasion,” he told the graduates. Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf also spoke, and told the graduates that the community was there to support them. “This is one step in the journey,” she said. “It’s OK to ask for help and support.” Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson said she has watched the program unfold as her husband has worked to move it forward. “Redemption is far better than retribution, and we understand that,” she said. Santa Barbara police officer Craig Burleigh works with veterans who have ended up homeless and live on the streets.

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New Spa Treatment Will Leave Your Skin Silky Smooth and Also Cover Your Body in Hungry Eels

There are the snails , whose mucus leaves a trail of anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating properties on the skin of spa goers. There are the skin-eating fish pedicures and the bee-venom facials and the python massages . Now eels may be invading a spa near you. The Guardian reports that some spas in China are offering an immersive full-body exfoliating experience where spa goers can climb into a bathtub filled with tiny eels, each about the size of a pencil. The eels will then proceed to eat the dead skin cells off the beauty seekers body. If you can stand the treatment, the result is supposedly smoother, softer skin. While spas in the U.S. havent started offering the eel baths yet, UK health inspectors have been tasked with keeping an eye out for the imported treatment. A spokesman from theChartered Institute for Environmental Health (CIEH), which represents health inspectors, told the UKs Daily Mail that it was vital that any new beauty treatment be subjected to a risk assessment to consider its impact on the public or the animals involved. The Guardian also quotes Wendy Nixon, a health and safety consultant, who told CIEH that there were problems with the procedure, especially for those wearing loose-fitting swimwear. Men in particular may want to avoid this particular exfoliating technique.

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