A Soy Peptide May Reduce Colon Cancer Metastasis

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The American Cancer Society has noted that living a healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk of colorectal cancer. In a news release on July 8, 2013, the University of Illinois reported, Consuming soy peptide may reduce colon cancer metastasis. More Photos View all 8 photos Researchers at the University of Illinois study who showed that injection of the soy peptide lunasin dramatically reduced colon cancer metastasis in mice, were interested in seeing how making lunasin part of the animals daily diet would affect the spread of the disease. Elvira de Mejia, a University of Illinois professor of food chemistry and food toxicology, has said, In this new study, we find that giving lunasin orally at 20 mg/kg of body weight reduced the number of metastatic tumors by 94 percentwe went from 18 tumors to only one. And that was done using lunasin alone; no other type of therapy was used. In the initial study, injections of lunasin were used together with the chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin, yielding impressive results. There was a sixfold reduction in metastatic tumors to the liver. Vermont Dia, a postdoctoral associate in the de Mejia laboratory, said We learned in that study that lunasin can penetrate the cancer cell, cause cell death, and interact with at least one type of receptor in a cell that is ready to metastasize. Scientists followed this up with this study in which they experimented with oral doses of the peptide. Soy is after all food and the scientists wanted the animals to consume it as a food. The scientists have said that consuming the necessary amount of lunasin in soy foods would be difficult in terms of number of servings per day. However, the scientists feel this would be possible to get enough soy in your diet if food companies began to offer lunasin-enriched soy milk or yogurt. De Mejia has said that chronic daily exposure to lunasin could make an even more significant difference in terms of cancer development and metastasis. There has been evidence that lunasin accumulates in the body tissues, primarily the livers, of animals that have been exposed to chronic exposure to this bioactive component of soy. Therefore, consuming soy protein regularly in the diet may be important not only for nutrition but also for cancer prevention.

that guy http://www.examiner.com/article/a-soy-peptide-may-reduce-colon-cancer-metastasis


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