Colon Cancer Prognosis Worse For The Obese, Type 2 Diabetics

Stage IV Colon Cancer Prognosis

“The message here is to avoid obesity and type 2 diabetes because they have negative health outcomes. We don’t know for sure that losing weight or increasing physical activity will help, but we know they’re good for trying to avoid other diseases, like cardiovascular disease, that can come up down the road,” said Dr. Jeffrey Meyerhardt, author of an accompanying editorial in the same journal, and an associate professor of medicine at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School in Boston. There are more than 1 million people who’ve survived a colon cancer diagnosis living in the United States , and mortality from colorectal cancer has gone down over the past two decades, according to background information in the studies. And, while previous research has linked a higher BMI and type 2 diabetes to the development of colorectal cancer in the first place, it hasn’t been clear how these factors influence the course of colorectal cancer once someone has been diagnosed. The first study included 2,303 people involved in an ongoing study that began in 1992. Between that time and 2007, the study participants had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Follow-up continued through December 2008. During the study, 851 people with colorectal cancer died. Of those, 380 died as a result of colorectal cancer, while 153 died of heart disease, according to the study. The remaining 318 people died of other causes.

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People with type 2 diabetes had a 53 percent higher risk of dying from any cause and a 29 percent higher risk of dying from colorectal cancer.

They include such methods as following a well-balanced diet and/or taking suggested supplements. Relaxation techniques or acupuncture to reduce pain and relieve stress may be helpful. Alternative treatment methods are designed to take the place of your traditional medical treatments. The biggest concern with using alternative methods is the time lost from proven care, which may determine the ultimate outcome of your disease and reduce survival time. Ultimately, the choice of treatment rests with you, the patient. It is very important to develop a good relationship with your oncologist and discuss additional treatment methods with her. Prognosis When you look at the ACS survival rates for people with stage IV colon cancer, it is important to remember some important facts. First, these are people who were diagnosed and treated at least five years ago. Research is ongoing and new treatment methods are being developed regularly. You have the benefit of these newer drugs and treatments and clinical trials. Second, colon cancer tends to occur in older people who often have heart disease and other health concerns. They may have been diagnosed with colon cancer but died of something else.

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