Cosmetic Treatment Can Open Door To Bacteria

The precise figures for Denmark are not known, but there can be no doubt that the numbers are rising rapidly — and a rise in the number of treatments will inevitably make the side effects more evident. “Because a lot of cosmetic practitioners refuse to accept that side effects from filler procedures are caused by bacteria, claiming that such problems are caused by allergic reactions, the usual procedure has been to treat with steroids. This is actually the worst possible treatment because steroid injections exacerbate the condition and give the bacteria free rein. Fortunately, many of the filler producers have now become aware of the risk of bacteria and recognise that the gel can act as a bacterial incubator,” says Associate Professor Thomas Bjarnsholt from the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology. He continues: “The problem will become very serious when the treatment becomes so widespread that people are able to walk in off the street to have their wrinkles smoothed out. Experts recommend keeping facial skin free from make-up for a month before undergoing a treatment involving fillers. Good hygiene is always important. Even when you abide by all the rules and regulations, it is difficult to avoid bacteria completely as they are often buried far below the surface of the skin.” Beauty with consequence Researchers estimate that between 1:100 and 1:1000 — depending on the type of filler -develops an unfortunate bacterial infection which, in the worst-case scenario, may leave the person in question with a permanently disfigured face. “Most people are unlikely to have any problems undergoing a filler treatment to smooth their skin. However, it’s a bit like driving a car: there’s nothing wrong with not wearing your seatbelt as long as you don’t hit anything. If you do have an accident, however, it’s almost impossible to walk away unharmed,” says Thomas Bjarnsholt.

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Analysis of the Packaged Wastewater Treatment Market in India

The market is highly fragmented so tie-ups with local market participants could be a game changer. 3. Educational promotions on low operating cost of such systems over the long run is an efficient marketing strategy. 4. Patented cutting-edge technologies enhance the profit share as consumers are not as cost-sensitive as quality sensitive. 5. State governments are promoting such small systems by offering tax breaks, etc., which is leading to many start-ups in this industry. Market OverviewDefinitions Medium Term: 2014-2016 Long Term: 2016-2017 The market covered by this project comprises packaged wastewater treatment plants in India having a capacity of up to X Kilo liters per day (KLD). The scope of this project includes all sorts of wastewater treatment installations within KLD. It doesn’t include parallel pre-treatment facilities. This study covers the break-up of packaged wastewater treatment systems according to end users and also discusses the potential states and sectors for such systems. Revenue is specified in Indian Rupees (INR) Million. Key Questions This Study Will Answer Is the market growing? How long will it continue to grow and at what rate? Which industries are expected to witness major growth for packaged wastewater treatment systems? Will these companies/products/services continue to exist or will they get acquired by other companies?

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New health site lets the crowd rate treatment effectiveness

CureCrowd ratings of treatments for back pain

Nor is there a way to determine whether the information the sites provide is accurate and up to date. The US Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institute on Aging provides guidelines for assessing the trustworthiness of online health information . Among the suggestions are to look for the site’s sponsor and a way to contact the sponsor. Articles should be attributed to a specific author whose qualifications are listed, and all the site’s content should be reviewed by an editorial board or other advisory body. Related stories The US Federal Trade Commission offers a guide to reliable medical information geared specifically to seniors. Among the organizations the site links to are , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , and . The US Department of Health and Human Service’s site is one of several government agencies providing safe, reliable health information. (Credit: Screenshot by Dennis O’Reilly/CNET) The claims of alternative-medicine purveyors can be particularly difficult to vet. The National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine provides guidelines and resources for evaluating nontraditional health treatments . As with any treatment suggested online, the agency recommends that you check with your health care provider before trying it. Help for your aching back After visiting more than a dozen online resources for back-pain sufferers, the one I found most effective is from InsiderMedicine , not only because it combines video and text explanations of the causes and treatments of back pain, but also because it starts by helping you determine whether your pain is an indication of a medical emergency. In the video, Alan Platt, a physician’s assistant and instructor at the Emory School of Medicine, describes the symptoms that might indicate the need to seek immediate medical help, such as severe pain radiating from your stomach to your back, or loss of bladder control. Another helpful resource in determining whether your back pain requires the attention of a medical professional is Handout on Health: Back Pain from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. The handout recommends that you call your doctor if the pain is due to a recent fall or is accompanied by fever or numbness/weakness in your legs.

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